White Horse Arts - Watercolor Artist - Cheri Fritts

Why White Horse Arts?


I left Panama after the Panama Canal Treaty turned over the operation of the Panama Canal and the Canal Zone, my home, to the Panamanians. I attended Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida where I decided to get a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in painting. My focus was mainly on watercolor painting. My watercolor professor encouraged me in my painting of horses.


There was lots to paint locally because there were polo grounds in Boca Raton and Palm Beach, and three major Thoroughbred race tracks nearby. The top polo players, dressage riders and hunter/jumper riders all wintered in South Florida. Palm Beach County imports about four thousand horses in the winter months, and Florida has a huge number of horses and breeding farms in Ocala.


Watercolor is really about high contrast and value changes. Many times the highlight or white areas are just left as white paper. The medium lends itself very well to painting white horses. White reflects light and color, and all kinds of gorgeous colors can be used on a white horse or behind a white horse to make it stand out. So naturally white horses became a favorite theme of mine.


White horses also often represent “good” in art and literature. For example, Christ will return triumphant riding a white horse and the armies of the Lord returning with Christ will be riding white horses! The good guy usually rides the white horse, Zorro being the exception. Indian chiefs often chose the white horse for their war ponies.


I’m a person of faith, and horses represent beauty, truth, strength, and spiritual tranquility to me. I’ve enjoyed a special bond with horses since childhood. It seemed fitting that I would call my studio and business “White Horse Arts.”