Dark Horse Pursuing

About this painting…


I found myself enjoying doing several watercolors of horses using cool blues, purples and various shades of blue-gray or purple-gray colors. I’d had success with this and had won awards and sold several paintings done in these colors. I was becoming attached to the cool palette. I decided to force myself to an opposite choice of colors and use a very warm color palette.


Oranges can represent heat and fire, and I got the idea of white horses escaping through fire. “They could be contrasted with a black horse,” I thought. My idea evolved to each horse being pursued by their respective “dark horse.” The dark horses represent a struggle we each must overcome. Sometimes the struggle comes from within as we attempt to adhere to a higher moral code, and sometimes the struggle may be against dark forces attempting to alter our lives for their own purposes.


The horses are running through water which represents cleansing and a protection from the flames. The white horses have one or both ears back, attentive to the hoof-beats of the horses that follow behind them. Their heads are slightly to one side or the other so they can see behind themselves. The splash adds a bit of interest and texture to the foreground as the horses thunder toward the viewer.


The painting has energy and passion. It can mean something different to each viewer or just be enjoyed for the power and beauty of the horses.