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Blue Roan Mountain

This blue roan mustang stallion stands alert and is as beautiful and majestic as the snow-capped mountain behind him.

Water Sports

Horses play rough, and you can tell from their expression and lack of ferocity these two are only playing.

Water Stallion

This is a powerful image of gray horses thundering toward the viewer through a shallow water.

Mustang in Sunlight

This wild mustang bathes peacefully in sunlight with his tail blowing gently in the breeze.

The Face of His Glory (Christ)

My goal here in this fresh representation was to capture the light and compassion in Christ’s eyes.

A Dream Of Wild Horses

Here I capture the powerful dream essence of a band of white horses running toward the viewer through a golden mist.

Morning At The Barn

This painting captures the peace and tranquility of the horse with his groom.

Dark Horse Pursuing

The powerful image fills the frame, and it appears the horses are surrounded by fire as they run through water

Battle To The Wire

This painting depicting the fury of the battle of horses and jockeys to the finish wire is very loosely painted .

Appaloosa Trail

This horse has a forward walk and an eager peaceful expression as if he is really enjoying the great outdoors with his cowboy rider.