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White Horse Arts Studio and Cheri Fritts

Why White Horse Arts?


I left Panama after the Panama Canal Treaty turned over the operation of the Panama Canal and the Canal Zone, my home, […]

White Horse Arts and Cheri Fritts

I’ve been drawing and painting horses since early childhood. I read the Black Stallion books by Walter Farley and Zane Gray novels about Western cowboys and their horses, and I watched every cowboy Western and horse movie. ..

The Panamanian Jockey

Having already said a prayer and blessed himself with the catholic sign of the cross, as they traditionally do in Panama, this jockey is in a moment of restful contemplation before the race.

The Joyful Grooms

These three grooms seem to swagger and banter as they lead their horses to the paddock .

Reflections in the Sky

Outlaw Pony Band

This gorgeous band of white ponies running free through a sunbathed field are sharply contrasted against the suggestion of a much darker green forest in the shadows behind them.

Jinete Panameno

Heads ‘n Tails

I chose a whimsical title for this painting. The viewpoint is from the inside rail of the race track very close to the rail.

Clearing the Hedge

The horse and rider clear the hedge in perfect form, and the horse lands with his ears perked, showing he is alert and eager to get to the next obstacle.

Dark Horse Pursuing

White horses often represent “good” and dark horses often represent “evil” in art or literature. Here two white horses are each pursued by their respective “dark horse.”