Commission Work Process


Oil Painting Commission


Client must supply good in-focus photos with lighting that is complimentary to the subject in order to proceed. Once the photos are deemed appropriate, a draft or color sketch will be done. When the client approves the color sketch, a 50% deposit will be required. Price will be pre-determined by the square-inch size the client wants. This will be a basic price for the head and shoulders of a given subject, such as a horse, dog, or person. Additional items will be an additional 10%. Additional persons or animals in the same painting will be an additional 100%. For example, if a horse head and neck and a human head and neck are needed in the same painting, the price will be double. If head, shoulders and hands are wanted, or other objects such as a chair, it will be 10% for the hands, 10% for torso, and 10% for the chair. Backgrounds other than a painterly shadow background will be 10% per item in the background.


Payment is due upon completion, providing the customer is satisfied, and prior to delivery. The painting may be approved via e-mail with digital image or photograph.


The client must pay all shipping and insurance costs. The work must be fully insured prior to shipping.


Bronzes may be commissioned when the artist’s schedule permits.


Bronze Commission


(50% is required in advance due to the lengthy process of creating a bronze figure)


Well-documented and detailed photos are needed of the subject from all sides and angles. The client will supply a good array of photographs. For example, if the client wants their horse rearing, they should make every effort to supply a photograph of the horse from every angle, and if at all possible, in the same posture. A bust, a walking, or standing horse would be much simpler to document photographically.


From the photos, the clay figure is created. Once the client approves the clay figure, the client must supply the casting cost. The foundry will make the necessary molds, pour the bronze, and apply the patina (coloring). Upon completion and prior to delivery, the remaining 50% of the price of the commission is due.


The client must pay all shipping and insurance costs. The work must be fully insured prior to shipping.


The process may take as long as 6 months.